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The Ratchetech Wrench

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What makes the Ratchetech Wrench Special?

The key feature is the revolutionary 30º open-ended ratchet.
Over the last 30 years technology around ratcheting boxed end wrenches has greatly progressed.
But most options for the open end of the wrench has been limited.
Until now.

The Ratchetech Wrench takes the open end ratchet to the next level.

It offers a compact design, nut gripping points that will be less likely to round off a corner and the strength of a traditional open end wrench.

30º Ratchet and Compact Head Design

The Ratchetech open ended ratchet operates with a 30º throw in spaces conventional wrench heads may not even be able to access.
And because there is no need to disengage from the fastener you work faster and easier.

90º Flex Head

Also featuring a 90º Flex Head, the Ratchetech wrench is able to reach into tight, difficult areas.
The patented Flex mechanism gives a consistent smooth adjustment that will hold its intended position during use.
Flex Head is not available on spanners size 20mm and larger.
Ratchetec Spanner 90 degree Flex Head

The 90º flex head completes a tool that will become indispensable in the toolbox of every serious mechanic.

The Ratchetech Wrench

Ratchetec Spanner


Operates with a 30 degree handle swing (grips from fastener point to flat)
Compact head allows for operation in tight spaces
Strong hardened steel durable design
Flex head that moves 90 degrees in either direction (on spanners up to 19mm)
Made of hardened low-alloy carbon steel
Sets come in a convenient roll up pouch that can be hung.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Meets ANSI standards

Assigned Nato Stock Numbers (NSN) for military use in the harshest environments.


10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm , 14 mm
15 mm, 16 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm, 19 mm
20 mm, 21 mm, 22 mm, 23 mm, 24 mm


Includes: 10 mm, 11 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm , 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm
Ratchetec Metric Spanner Set


Includes: 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, and 3/4 inch

Imperial spanners and sets are available on request

NATO Stock reference Numbers (NSN)
Metric spanners
10 mm NSN: 5120999096761
11 mm NSN: 5120999907192
12 mm NSN: 5120997515923
13 mm NSN: 5120996908545
14 mm NSN: 5120991731528
15 mm NSN: 5120998703227
16 mm NSN: 5120992583619
17 mm NSN: 5120992873141
18 mm NSN: 5120991554038
19 mm NSN: 5120998544754
20 mm NSN: 5120997332179
21 mm NSN: 5120999592352
22 mm NSN: 5120998600601
23 mm NSN: 5120997314051
24 mm NSN: 5120999592354

Imperial spanners
3/8″ NSN: 5120995557711
7/16″ NSN: 5120991711881
1/2″ NSN: 5120992170591
9/16″ NSN: 5120992888194
5/8″ NSN: 5120995859518
11/16″ NSN: 5120999353652
3/4″ NSN: 5120992449530
13/16″ NSN: 5120993579410
7/8″ NSN: 5120995098354
15/16″ NSN: 5120994013768
1″ NSN: 5120992170593

If you have a technical question regarding Ratchetech spanners,
please contact technical support.

DescriptionQuantityPrice eachWeightAdd to cart
10 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£21.0062 g available on request
11 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£21.1562 g available on request
12 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£21.8088 g available on request
13 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£21.9591 g available on request
14 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£22.70130 g available on request
15 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£23.95179 g available on request
16 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£25.25181 g available on request
17 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£28.50235 g available on request
18 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£28.90298 g available on request
19 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£30.15306 g available on request
20 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£32.35340 g available on request
21 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£34.60350 g available on request
22 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£37.80400 g available on request
23 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£40.25410 g available on request
24 mm Ratchetech open end spanner1£43.50460 g available on request
7 piece Ratchetech metric spanner set1£132.001.3 kg available on request

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